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コロンビア大学教授 市瀬先生のセミナー開催

日時:4-Jan-2012 13:00-16:00

Title: Neuroreceptor quantification by PMOD implemented linear models.
1. Participants will learn what linear models are available in PMOD
2. Participants will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of linear models including invasive MA1, MA2 and non invasive MRTMO, MRTM, MRTM2 and Logan models.
3. Participants will learn about what linear models to use given some example situations.
4. Participants will learn and understand how the linear models are implemented in PMOD
5. Participants will learn what preliminary and optimal settings in PMOD should be used given example situations and why so.
7. Participants will understand what k2′ is and how it can be best estimated by PMOD


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